Current Film & Media Scoring Projects:

Film-scoring competition: Metropolis Arc trailer

8dio Scoring Competition: Constellations

Using only 8dio sample libraries, I tried to illuminate the magic and sense of wonder I have always had about space and the infinite beyond. I hope you enjoy this interpretation of 8dio’s Constellations.

All of the suddens exhibition at Pittsburgh Glass Center

A Short film entitled “All of the Suddens” is now screening at the Pittsburgh Glass Center as a part of master glass artist Kelly O’Dell’s exhibition. The film was made in collaboration with JumpStart Films. Directed and produced by Tom Kurlander. Music by Kyle Simpson.

Carnegie Science Center Promo: Science on the Road,

Music by Kyle Simpson

Van Gogh in Motion scored by Kyle Simpson

This video art is so beautiful, I decided try my own score to this already beautiful work. The original music in the video is incredible, gorgeous, and very fitting. In no way was this attempt to outdo the original, but I was so moved by the images, I wanted to write some music for it.

Aftermath short film by John Cantine

Here's a short film I helped score, creating Beginning and End credits for director John Cantine's film Aftermath. Featuring performances by the Freya Quartet.

Reference Point webseries by John Cantine

I have been scoring the webseries created by Pittsburgh Filmmakers Director John Cantine: Check out Season 1, Season 2 is also now available as well. Reference Point Series.

Synopsis of Season 1: When Zannie West (Alex April) is hired as librarian at a small arts school, she finds herself surrounded by a whole workplace of wacky neighbors, including her boss Bill Dailey (Frank D. Wilson). With the help of her new friend Tori (Cassidy Adkins) can she bring order to the library, or is there more going on than meets the eye?

Reference Point is a web series created by John Cantine, Samantha Rayward, and Erin Sanderson.

This has been really fun and exciting to score. Season 1 presents lots of different challenges than Season 2, you'll have to watch it to see all the different aspects between the two seasons.

Reference Point.jpg

Composer for Podcast:

Science News and Questions (SNAQ)

Carnegie Science Center Production: Hosted by Charissa Sedor and Ralph Crewe

Podcast can be found by clicking on the button below: