On The Road Suite (2017),

for chamber orchestra,

jazz rhythm section, and narrator

This was premiered at Kyle Simpson's faculty recital at Washington & Jefferson College, February 19th 2017.

Using portions from Kerouac's "On The Road" and told from the point of view of Sal Paradise, the music takes the audience on a journey through the world of Sal, Dean, Terry, and the many places they visit. Using influences of jazz and contemporary classical sounds, the music aspires to accompany the beautiful poetry that helped define the beatnik generation.

On The Road Suite (2017)
text by Jack Kerouac, music by Kyle Simpson
I. Dean Moriarty
II. Towards the Pacific
III. Bop in the American Night
IV. Hopping the Freight Car
V. The Old West
VI. Terry and the LA Bus
VII. Cotton-picking
VIII. Parting & Autumn

narration by Patrick Arena

Eftihia Victoria Arkoudis-flute
Kira Bokalders-clarinet
André Januário-bassoon
Milt Barney-alto saxophone
Tim Brutscher-trumpet
Kevin Clark-trombone
Crystal Qi--violin
Stephen Weiss-viola
Robin Hasenpflug-cello
Tony DePaolis-bass
Mitch Greco-drumset
Anthony Ambroso-guitar
Alex Ayers-piano
Brandon Collins-vibraphone

Fugue for Three Pianos, premiered in Milna, Croatia for the UZMAH/Upbeat New Music Festival

Rehearsal for my piece for the UPBEAT Music Festival in Milna, Croatia. Video was taken at the old abandoned cinema in the small fisherman's village. It is truly gorgeous in the city, although this video might not represent that. These musicians did an incredible job performing this rhythmically tricky piece.

New Album Release

Something In Between by Kyle Simpson Jazz Collective

Kyle Simpson Conducting Janáček Philharmonic-Journey To Wissameking

Kyle Simpson (W&J Assistant Professor) conducting a reading of his original composition Journey to Wissameking in Ostrava, CZ in August of 2011. The piece is a symphonic tone poem about relocating to southwest Pennsylvania, depicting the journey from the homeland of Minnesota to the rolling hills of the Pittsburgh/Washington,PA region.

Premiere at Charlotte New Music Festival

Between Two Worlds

Dance & Music Collaboration from Charlotte New Music Festival 2013.

AScap Film Scoring

June 2011 / NYU-New York


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